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FAQ - Related to Registration -

How can I register with Dharma Vaidic?

Registration @ is very simple. Please fill the form with the necessary details and click here to register

  • Step 1 - Go to 
  • Step 2 - New user? Click to Register Free and Enter specified details in the form and become a member @ 
  • Step 3 - Already a member? Click on Log In and Login with your email id and enter the password.

What is profile Approval?

Profile Approval is the process undertaken @ to verify the details submitted by users and check if it violates the conditions set by Dharma Vaidic Matrimonial

  • Step 1 - Profile validation ensures sanction of registering profile requests
  • Step 2 - Profiles are checked before approval
  • Step 3 - We at follow a very strict process before profile approvals.
  • Step 4 - You will receive an automated mail to your registered mail id once your profile is approved.

On what criteria my profile will not be approved?

Profiles that are of illegal age, abusive material, unconfirmed data and flippant users are rejected.  is for single Groom/Bride who are serious in finding a suitable life partner and consider marriage a valuable institution.

Can I register for my Friend, Relative or Sibling?

Yes ! You can register for others with the consent of the said person.

What is Mobile Number Verification?

We at feel very responsible towards our brothers and sisters and for this reason we do take the extra effort to ensure unscrupulous elements are rooted out. This means that we do try our best to ensure that we can tag the profiles to the mobile number of the user so that we can help find the identity of the person in case of emergencies. Towards this, a call would be made after registration to check the veracity of the user. This verification is free and without verification you cannot be a member of 

How to verify my mobile number?

If your mobile number is not verified, you will be presented with a pop-window to verify your mobile number.

  • Step 1 - Enter your valid mobile number, after selecting the country code.
  • Step 2 - After few minutes you will receive a verification code either by CALL or SMS on the number that you provided
  • Step 3 - Enter the code mentioned and click on the submit button
  • Step 4 - This completes your mobile verification Your mobile verification is successful.

FAQ - Related to Login -

How to log in and log out from

You can login from the homepage of through the Log In section. You can also find the login link at the top line of every page. The process of logging in and logging out keeps your information safe and secure.

  • Step 1 - Let's go to
  • Step 2 - Log In link at the top of every page
  • Step 3 - Enter the email address in email box and the password in the password box
  • Step 4 - Click to Login button
Logout Procedure
  • Step 1 - If you click on your profile you can choose the option to log out from

I forgot my User ID/Password. What should I do?

If you forgotten your password use the below step to get it.

  • Step 1 - To retrieve lost password or profile id click on the login button on home page
  • Step 2 - Click on forgot password
  • Step 3 - Enter email id or registered mobile number
  • Step 4 - Email id should be the one that you used during registration
  • Step 5 - Now your profile id and password will be sent to the registered email id or to the registered mobile number by SMS.

How do I change my Password?

You can change your password

  • Step 1 - Login in with your email and password
  • Step 2 - Go to Profile Settings
  • Step 3 - Select Change Password option
  • Step 4 - Enter your current password, new password and then confirm
  • Step 5 - Click Change Password option
  • Step 6 - Password changed successfully

How do I change my Password?

You can change your password

  • Step 1 - Login in with your email and password
  • Step 2 - Go to Profile Settings
  • Step 3 - Select Change Password option
  • Step 4 - Enter your current password, new password and then confirm
  • Step 5 - Click Change Password option
  • Step 6 - Password changed successfully

FAQ - Related to Profile Modification -

How can I modify my profile information?

  • Step 1 - Go to and Login using your ' Email ID' and 'Password'
  • Step 2 - After logging in to your profile
  • Step 3 - click on the Profile icon on the top right corner.
  • Step 4 - you can see edit my profile option
  • Step 5 - Now Click on“Edit my profile” and  modify your profile information.

Why should I complete my profile?

Complete profiles get better and more responses and is the best possible way to find your partner real and quick. Please go through the simple process and complete your profile.

Can I change my profile ID?

Profile ID's are unique and generated by the system and cannot be changed under any circumstance.

How long will it take for the modifications to reflect on my profile?

  • Any modification will go through our strict validation process before changes in your profile. Updation will take 24 hours to reflect.

Is it possible to restore the deleted profile?

  • Once deleted you cannot reactivate your profile

FAQ - Related to Video and Photos Upload -

Why should I upload my photo?

  • A picture means a thousand words. If you put up a clear and neat picture with your profile, you will get better responses and views.

Is it safe to add my photos along with the Profile?

  • It is safe and necessary to add photos to your profile to get better response.

How many photos can I add?

  • A maximum of 30 photos can be uploaded and they can be categorized into albums. The photos have to be a gif or a jpg .

How to upload my Video?

  • First Upload your video on YouTube or any other video streaming platform and after login on, click on “Profile” on the top of the page and click on “Upload Video” option and upload your video link.

What is Photo and Video validation process?

  • All photographs or video will go through our manual screening process. The time for this is 24 hours and will be uploaded after validation

FAQ - Related to Partner Search -

What is Quick Search?

  • Quick search comprises of fields such as gender, age, marital status and residing country. This option is being used widely by Members to get broad search results and selecting the most suitable partner profile.

What is Advanced search?

  • Helps you to find your life partner, who are residing within your city or cities near to you with more option in comparison with Quick Search .

What is Profile Id Search?

  • Profile ID search option is another helpful feature to identify and view particular profile with profile ID.

Can I save my Search criteria so that I don't have to set it every time?

  • Yes! You can save search criteria that can be used later. You can edit the search criteria and the saved search criteria can be deleted.

What is partner preference?

  • Partner Preference is a feature that helps you define your ideal spouse and set your suitability criteria. You will be intimated by e-mail everyday about new profiles matching your criteria. With this feature you would receive information about members suiting your expectations regularly.

How do I view a particular profile?

  • You can search and view a particular profile by entering the Profile ID in the 'Search by ID' option.

FAQ - Related to Communication with Other Member -

I did not receive any response for my profile. Why?

  • On an average, around 2% of the profiles are entered with misspelled E-mail address or wrong E-mail address. If you have not received any E-mail from, please login --> using your 'E-mail ID' and 'Password' and click on profile settings and to check and correct the E-mail address. Also,
  • Step 1 - Check whether the Email responses are being forwarded to your Junk Mail link in your Email client. Make sure you added in your Address Book, to receive email alerts directly to your email inbox.
  • Step 2 - Check whether you have given a clear self-description.
  • Step 3 - Try to enter your expectations clearly and completely.
  • Step 4 - Add your photo to your profile as profiles with photos get a better response
  • Step 5 - Keep on searching suitable partner profiles and initiate contact with them so that they can view your profile and respond you back.
  • Step 6 - Login on very often so that your profile listed in top of search results and you receive more responses.

What is Send Interest? How can I contact other Members on

  • Initiating getting contacts or communication with members on is Paid. You can contact Members that you like by Expressing Interest in their Profiles. These Members will receive an Interest from you, in their Inbox and will additionally receive a SMS notification as well. These Members can choose to respond to your Interest by Accepting or Declining it after viewing your profile.

How will I know if a member has Accepted/Declined my interest?

  • You will be notified via e-mail when a member accepts/declines your interest. You can also login to your account and select the 'Interests Sent' option under “Interests” to know how many members have accepted/declined your interest.

How do I send personalized messages to a member who has accepted my interest?

  • You can send personalized messages to a member who has accepted your interest by upgrading your membership to a Paid Membership.

Can I Accept a Member after Declining him/her?

  • Yes, you can Accept a Member after Declining.

After blocking a member can I have the option to resume the contact by 'unblocking a member'?

  • Yes. has provision to unblock a member who has been blocked by you from contacting you.

Can I Accept a member after rejecting his or her contact?

  • Yes, you can accept a member already declined by you. This is possible by opening the concerned Member's profile and expressing Interest again.

What is the use of Photo Request feature and how does it work?

  • ' Photo Request ' feature enables you to request preferred partner members to add photos to their profile, if they have not uploaded their photo or set conditions to show their photo. To be eligible to use this feature, first you should have added your own photo to your profile. Then only you can make use of 'Request Photo' feature.
For utilizing this facility, login to your Account, and use search options to view the particular member's detailed profile Click on 'Photo Request ' image, you would be requested to confirm your request. Once you confirmed, your request will be conveyed to the chosen member who will automatically be added to your Photo Request Sent list available in the 'Request Photo' section Similarly, if you receive a photo upload request, that member's Profile ID will be added to your 'Photo Request Received' list and you will also be intimated of that request through email

Can I write messages to any of the members of individually?

  • Yes. As a Paid Member you can write and send personal, private and individual messages. Such personalized message can be sent with 'Initiate Contact', 'Accept Contact' or 'Reject contact' mail.

Can I write personalized messages to other members free of charge?

  • For writing personalized and private messages to other members, you have to upgrade your Membership and become a Paid Member of

How will I know when I receive a message in the Mail box of

  • Whenever you receive any message from other members, you are alerted by an e-mail sent to your e-mail address registered with

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